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Infertility, for a married couple can be the root of many inter-marital problems. Sometimes these problems can lead even up to the couple being divorced. Usually after an year of unprotected sex without a success raises the first alarm among many other signs of infertility.

However, before consulting a doctor on the grounds of infertility, a couple also needs to eliminate other factors that could be responsible for unsuccessful baby making. One of these factors can be incorrect timing in having sex. In order to be productive, sexual intercourse should occur around the time of ovulation. Moreover, during this period more than one attempt at baby making must be made to increase the probability of conception.

Recognizing signs of infertility earlier greatly increases the chance of the couple being successfully treated for the causes. In women, an irregular menstrual cycle is perhaps the most obvious among the signs of infertility. Irregular menstrual cycles are warnings of ovulation problems. If the cycle is too long (more than 35 days) or too short (less than 24 days) it is advised to seek medical consultancy.

Additionally, during menstrual period if the bleeding is intense, unusually light, or comes with severe stomach cramps they could also hint fertility problems. Overweight or underweight women, as well as athletes engaged in strenuous physical exercise could also fall victims to infertility. If a woman has had recurrent miscarriages, that could also be taken as one of the signs of infertility.

Although miscarriages are not uncommon, doctors begin to suspect infertility after three successive miscarriages. Physical anomalies such as Endometriosis, Stenosis, Fibroids and pelvic inflammatory diseases may also contribute heavily toward infertility in women.

Only 40% – 50% of infertility problems are caused by female factors mentioned above. 30% – 40% of infertility issues are caused by male factors such as retrograde ejaculation, impotence, hormone imbalance, illnesses like mumps, and decreased sperm count. The balance 10% – 30% signs of infertility come from both sides. Prolonged use of alcohol and/or drugs, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), old age (35 years and above), treatments for cancer and other chronic illnesses are such causes of infertility.

Signs of infertility can be successfully treated in a variety of ways thanks to new advances in medicine. Both psychological as well as physical therapy is administered when treating for infertility. The spectrum of physical treatments for signs of infertility ranges from drugs to enhance ovulation to sophisticated procedures such as vitro fertilization. Psychological treatments include counseling and educating the couple in productive sexual intercourse. Prevention of signs of infertility is as important as being diagnosed and subjected for treatment. Being engaged in safe sex can significantly minimize the risk of STD related infertility. Immunization against diseases like mumps can prevent sterility in men.

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